"August afternoon in a drowse"

by Robert Hillyer

August afternoon in a drowse,
No leaf moving on the boughs,
No ripple moving on the pool
Nor a thought in the mind of summer's fool
Who treads the shadow of delight;
Morning, afternoon, and night,
He treads the shadow of delight.

Tell him how the blackbirds flew
To form their flocks, two by two;
Warn him with the goldenrod
And brown seeds from the lily pod.
Stir the air with solemn warning
Afternoon and night and morning,
Till he heed your autumn warning.

Summer's fool will never heed
Though the whole earth go to seed.
Death will catch him unaware
With the vine leaves in his hair.
Leave him to his dream, for soon
Morning, night, or afternoon,
He will waken — all too soon!

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