She Is Overheard Singing

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

(This poem follows The Singing-Woman from the Wood's Edge.)

Oh, Prue she has a patient man,
   And Joan a gentle lover,
And Agatha's Arth' is a hug-the-hearth,—
   But my true love's a rover!

Mig, her man's as good as cheese
   And honest as a briar,
Sue tells her love what he's thinking of,—
   But my dear lad's a liar!

Oh, Sue and Prue and Agatha
   Are thick with Mig and Joan!
They bite their threads and shake their heads
   And gnaw my name like a bone;

And Prue says, "Mine's a patient man,
   As never snaps me up,"
And Agatha, "Arth' is a hug-the-hearth,
   Could live content in a cup;"

Sue's man's mind is like good jell—
   All one colour, and clear —
And Mig's no call to think at all
   What's to come next year,

While Joan makes boast of a gentle lad,
   That's troubled with that and this;—
But they all would give the life they live
   For a look from the man I kiss!

Cold he slants his eyes about,
   And few enough's his choice,—
Though he'd slip me clean for a nun, or a queen,
   Or a beggar with knots in her voice,—

And Agatha will turn awake
   While her good man sleeps sound,
And Mig and Sue and Joan and Prue
   Will hear the clock strike round,

For Prue she has a patient man,
   As asks not when or why,
And Mig and Sue have naught to do
   But peep who's passing by,

Joan is paired with a putterer
   That bastes and tastes and salts,
And Agatha's Arth' is a hug-the-hearth,—
   But my true love is false!

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