The Monadnock Valley Press and the Public Domain

To the best of our knowledge, all texts published by the Monadnock Valley Press are in the public domain within the United States of America (we cannot promise that these texts are in the public domain in other countries).

We take seriously our commitment to the public domain. Historian Carroll Quigley once described Western civilization as driven by "the gradual and communal search for truth"; and that search depends crucially on the existence of a common stock of knowledge and imagination, from the ancient Greeks such as Homer and Aristotle to writers and thinkers of our own day. To spread the light of those works as widely as possible, we publish them free on the Internet in their native English or in English translation.

If you have reason to believe that a text published by the Monadnock Valley Press is not yet in the public domain, please let us know via < editor at >.

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