Astrophil and Stella: 10th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Reason, in faith thou art well serv’d, that still
Would’st brabling be, with sence and love in me:
I rather with thee climbe the Muses hill,
Or reach the fruite of Natures chiefest tree:
Or seeke heavens course, or heavens inside to see:
Why should’st thou toyle, our thornie soyle to till?
Leave sence and those that sences objects be,
Deale thou with powers, of thoughts leave love to will.
But thou wouldst needes fight both with Love and sence,
With sworde of witte, giving woundes of dispraise:
Till down-right blowes did foyle thy cunning fence,
So soone as they strake thee with Stellas rayes.
Reason, thou knewest, and offered straight to prove;
By reason good, good reason her to love.

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