Astrophil and Stella: 105th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Unhappie sight and hath shee vanisht by,
So neere, in so good time so free a place,
Dead glasse dost thou thine object so imbrase,
As what my hart still sees thou canst not spie,
I sweare by hir Love and my lacke, that I
Was not in fault that bent my dazling race
Onely unto the heaven of Stella’s face,
Counting but dust that in her way did lie:
But cease mine eyes, your teares doe witnes well,
That you guiltles therefore your necklace mist,
Curst be the Page from whome the bad torch fell,
Curst be the night which did your will resist,
Curst be the Cochman that did drive so fast,
With no lesse curse then absence makes me tast.

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