Astrophil and Stella: 16th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

In nature apt to like, when I did see
Beauties which were of many Carrects fine,
My boyling spirits did thether soone encline,
And Love I thought that I was full of thee;
But finding not those restles flames in mee
Which others said did make their soules to pyne,
I thought those babes of some pins hurt did whine:
By my love judging what loves paines might be.
But while I thus with this young Lyon plaid,
Myne eyes (shall I say curst or blest) beheld
Stella: now shee is nam’de, neede more be sayd?
In her sight I a lesson new have speld.
I now have learnd love right, and learnd even so,
As who by being poysond doth poyson know.

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