Astrophil and Stella: 20th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Fly, flye my friends, I have my deathes wound, flye;
See there that boy, that murthering boy I say,
Who like a thiefe hid in a bush doth lye,
Tyll blooddy bullet get him wrongfull pray.
So, tyrant he no fitter place could spy,
Nor so farre levell in so secrete stay:
As that sweete blacke which veiles thy heavenly eye.
There himselfe with his shot he close doth laye.
Poore passenger, passe now thereby I did,
And staid pleasd with prospect of the place,
While that black hue from me the bad guest hid,
But straight I saw motions of lightnings grace,
And there descried the glisterings of his dart:
But ere I could flie thence, it pearst my hart.

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