Astrophil and Stella: 21st Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Your words my freend right helthfull caustickes blame.
My young minde marde whom Love doth windlase so:
That my owne writings like bad servants showe
My wits, quick in vaine thoughts, in vertue lame;
That Plato I reade for nought, but if he tame
Such coltish giers; that to my birth I owe
Nobler desires: lest els that friendly foe
Great expectation were a traine of shame.
For since mad March great promise made to mee,
If now the May of my yeeres much decline,
What can be hop’d my harvest time will be,
Sure you say well, your wisedomes golden myne
Digs deepe with learnings spade: now tell me this,
Hath this world ought so faire as Stella is?

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