Astrophil and Stella: 27th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Because I oft in darke abstracted guise,
Seeme most alone in greatest company,
With dearth of words, and aunswers quite awry,
To them that would make speech of speech arise;
They deeme, and of their doome the rumor flies,
That poyson foule of bubling pride doth lie
So in my swelling brest, that onely I
Faune on my selfe, all others doe dispise:
Yet pride (I thinke) doth not my soule possesse,
(Which lookes too oft in this unflattering glasse)
But one worse fault, ambition I confesse,
That makes me oft my best freends over-passe,
Unseene unheard, while thought to highest place
Bends all his powers, even unto Stellas grace.

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