Astrophil and Stella: 29th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Like some weake Lords Neighbord by mightie kings,
To keepe themselves and their chiefe Cities free,
Doe easily yeelde, that all their coast may be
Readie to serve their Campe of needfull things:
So Stellas hart finding what power Love brings,
To keepe it selfe in life and libertie,
Doth willing graunt that in the Frontire he
Use all to help his other conquerings.
And thus her hart escapes, but thus her eyes
Serve him with shot, her lips his Heralds are,
Her brests his Tents, legges his tryumphall Chare,
Herselfe his foode, her skin his Armour brave.
And I but for because my prospect lyes:
Upon that coast, am given up for slave.

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