Astrophil and Stella: 38th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

This night while sleepe begins, with heavie wings
To close mine eyes, and the unbitted thought
Doth fall to stray, and my chiefe powers are brought
To leave the scepter of all subject things,
The first that straight my fancies errour brings
Unto my minde, is Stellas Image, wrought
By Loves owne selfe, but with so curious draught,
That she me thinkes not onely shines but sings:
I start, looke, harke, but what inclos’d up sence
Was helde in open sence it flyes away,
Leaving me nought but wayling eloquence.
I seeing Better sights in sighes decay,
Conclude a new, and woed Sleepe againe,
But him her hoast that unkind guest had slaine.

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