Astrophil and Stella: 5th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

It is most true, that eyes are found to serve
The inward light: and that the heavenly part
Ought to be King, from whose rules who doth swerve,
Rebels to nature, strive for their owne smart.
It is most true, what wee call Cupids dart,
An Image is, which for ourselves we carve:
And fooles adore, in Temple of our hart,
Till that good God make church and Church-men starve.
True that true beautie vertue is in deede,
Whereof this beautie can but be a shade:
Which Elements with mortall mixture breede,
True that on earth we are but Pilgrimes made,
And should in soule, up to our Country move:
True and most true, that I must Stella love.

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