Astrophil and Stella: 52nd Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

A Strife is growne betweene Vertue and Love,
While each pretends, that Stella must be his;
Her eyes, her lips, her all, saith Love doe this,
Since they doe weare his badge, most firmely prove;
But Vertue thus, that title doth disprove.
That Stella, (รด deere name) that Stella is,
That vertuous Soule, sure heyre of heavenly Blisse:
Not this faire outside, which our hart doth move;
And therefore, though her beauty and her grace,
Be Loves indeede, in Stellas selfe he may
By no pretence claime any manner place.
Well Love, since this Demurre our sute doth staie.
Let Vertue have that Stellas selfe, yet thus,
That Vertue but that body graunt to us.

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