Astrophil and Stella: 53rd Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

In Martiall sportes I had my cunning tryde,
And yet to breake more Staves I did mee adresse
While that the peopl’s showtes: I must confesse,
Youth, luck, and praise, even filld my vaines with pride;
When Cupid having me his slave descride,
In Mars his liverie, prauncing in the presse.
What now sir foole said he (I would no lesse)
Looke heere I say; I lookt, and Stella spide:
Who hard by through a window sent forth light;
My hart then quake, then daz’led were my eyes.
One hand forgot to rule, th’ other to fight,
No Trumpet sound I heard, nor freendly cries;
My foe came on, and beate the ayre for mee,
Till that her blush, taught me my shame to see.

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