Astrophil and Stella: 55th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Fie schoole of Patience, fie, your Lesson is
Far far too long, to learne it without booke:
What, a whole weeke, without one peece of looke?
And thinke I should not your large precepts misse,
When I might reade those Letters faire of blisse,
Which in her face teach vertue, I could brooke,
Somewhat thy leaden counsels which I tooke:
As of a freend that meant not much amisse:
But now alas, that I doe want her sight,
What doost thou thinke that I can ever take,
In thy colde stuffe, a phlegmatick delight?
No Patience, if thou wilt my good, then make
Her come, and heare with patience my desires
And then with patience bid me beare my fire.

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