Astrophil and Stella: 63rd Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Oh Grammer rules, oh now your vertues showe,
So Children still read you with awfull eyes,
As my young Dove may in your precepts wise,
Her graunt to me by her owne vertue knowe.
For late with hart most hie, with eyes most lowe;
I crav’d the thing which ever she denies.
Shee lightning Love, displaying Venus skyes,
Least one should not be heard twise, said no no.
Sing then my Muse, now I do Pæan sing.
Heavens Envy not at my high triumphing:
But Grammers force with sweete successe confirme,
For Grammer sayes (ah this deere Stella way)
For Grammer sayes (to Grammer who sayes nay)
That in one speech, two negatives affirme.

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