Astrophil and Stella: 72nd Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Desire, though thou mine olde companion art,
And oft so clinges to my pure Love, that I
One from the other scarcely can discry:
While each doth blowe the fier of my hart:
Now from thy fellowship I needs must part.
Venus is taught with Dians wings to flye,
I must no more in thy sweete passions lie,
Vertues golde now, must head my Cupids dart,
Service and honour wonder with delight,
Feare to offend, well worthie to appeare:
Care shining in mine eyes, faith in my spright,
These things are left me by my onely deare.
But thou Desire, because thou wouldst have all:
Now banisht art, yet alas how shall?

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