Astrophil and Stella: 76th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Shee comes, and straight therewith her shining twins do move
Their raies to me: who in her tedious absence lay
Benighted in cold woe; but now appeares my shining day,
The only light of joy, the only warmth of Love,
Shee comes with light and warmth, which like Aurora prove;
Of gentle force, so that my eyes dare gladly play
With such a rosy Morne: whose beames most freshly gay
Scorch not; but onely doe darke chilling spirits remove.
But loe, while I do speake it groweth noone with mee,
Her flamy glittering lights increase with time and place:
My heart cryes ah it burnes, mine eyes now dazled be:
No winde, no shade can coole: what helpe then in my case?
But with short breath, long lookes, staide feete, and walking hed,
Pray that my Sunne goe downe with me her beames to bed.

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