Astrophil and Stella: 84th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

High way since you my chiefe Pernassus be,
And that my Muse to some eares not unmeete,
Tempers her words to trampling horses feete,
More often than to a Chamber melodie,
Now blessed you beare onwards blessed me,
To her where I my heart safeliest shall meete,
My Muse and I must you of duetie greete,
With thanks and wishes wishing thankfully;
Be you still carefull kept by publike heede,
By no encrochment wrongd, nor time forgot,
Nor blam’d for bloud, nor sham’d for sinfull deede,
And that you know I envie you no lot,
Of highest wish, I wish you so much blisse,
Hundreds of yeares you Stellas feete may kisse.

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