Astrophil and Stella: 88th Sonnet

by Philip Sidney

Out Traytour absence dar’st thou counsell mee
From my deare Captainnesse to runne away,
Because in brave arraye here marcheth shee
That to winne mee oft showes a present paye.
Is Faith so weake, or is such force in thee?
When Sunne is hid, can Starres such beames displaie?
Cannot Heavens foode once felt keepe stomacks free
From base desire on earthly cares to praie?
Tush absence, while thy mistes eclypse that light,
My Orphan sense flyes to the inward sight:
Where memorie settes foorth the beames of Love,
That where before heart lov’d and eyes did see,
In heart my sight and Love now coupled be,
United powres make eche the stronger prove.

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