by Thomas Traherne


    The liquid pearl in springs,
    The useful and the precious things
    Are in a moment known.
Their very glory does reveal their worth
  (And that doth set their glory forth);
As soon as I was born they all were shewn.


    True living wealth did flow
    In crystal streams below
    My feet, and trilling down
In pure, transparent, soft, sweet, melting pleasures,
  Like precious and diffusive treasures,
At once my body fed, and soul did crown.


    I was as high and great
    As Kings are in their seat.
    All other things were mine.
The world my house, the creatures were my goods,
  Fields, mountains, valleys, woods,
Men and their arts to make me rich combine.


    Great, lofty, endless, stable,
    Various and Innumerable,
    Bright, useful, fair, divine.
Immovable and sweet the treasures were,
  The sacred objects did appear
More rich and beautiful, as well as mine.


    New all! new-burnisht joys;
    Tho' now by other toys
    Eclipst: new all and mine.
Great Truth so sacred seemed for this to me,
  Because the things which I did see
Were such, my state I knew to be divine.


    Nor did the Angels' faces,
    The glories and the graces,
    The beauty, peace and joy
Of Heaven itself, more sweetness yield to me.
  Till filthy sin did all destroy
Those were the offspring of the Deity.

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