Letters on the English

by Voltaire (1733)

  1. On The Quakers
  2. On The Quakers
  3. On The Quakers
  4. On The Quakers
  5. On the Church of England
  6. On the Presbyterians
  7. On the Socinians, or Arians, or Antitrinitarians
  8. On the Parliament
  9. On the Government
  10. On Trade
  11. On Inoculation
  12. On the Lord Bacon
  13. On Mr. Locke
  14. On Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton
  15. On Attraction
  16. On Sir Isaac Newton's Optics
  17. On Infinites in Geometry, and Sir Isaac Newton's Chronology
  18. On Tragedy
  19. On Comedy
  20. On Such of the Nobility as Cultivate the Belles Lettres
  21. On the Earl of Rochester and Mr. Waller
  22. On Mr. Pope and Some Other Famous Poets
  23. On the Regard That Ought to be Shown to Men of Letters
  24. On the Royal Society and other Academies

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