Treatise on Tolerance

by Voltaire (1763)

  1. Short Account of the Death of Jean Calas
  2. Consequences of the Execution of Jean Calas
  3. The Idea of the Reformation
  4. Whether Toleration Is Dangerous, and Among What Peoples It Is Found
  5. How Toleration May Be Admitted
  6. Whether Intolerance Is of Natural and Human Law
  7. Whether Intolerance Was Known to the Greeks
  8. Whether the Romans Were Tolerant
  9. The Martyrs
  10. Of the Danger of False Legends, and of Persecution
  11. Abuses of Intolerance
  12. Whether Intolerance Was of Divine Right in Judaism, and Whether It Was Always Practised
  13. Extreme Tolerance of the Jews
  14. Whether Intolerance Was Taught by Christ
  15. The Only Cases in Which Intolerance Is Humanly Lawful
  16. Account of a Controversial Dispute in China
  17. Whether It Is Useful to Maintain the People in Superstition
  18. Virtue Better than Science
  19. Of Universal Toleration

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