by Yevgeny Zamyatin (1921)

translated by Gregory Zilboorg (1924)

  1. An Announcement—The Wisest of Lines—A Poem
  2. Ballet—Square Harmony
  3. A Coat—A Wall—The Tables
  4. The Wild Man with a Barometer—Epilepsy—If
  5. The Square—The Rulers of the World—An Agreeable and Useful Function
  6. An Accident—The Cursed "It's Clear"—Twenty-four Hours
  7. An Eyelash—Taylor—Henbane and Lily of the Valley
  8. An Irrational Root—R-13—The Triangle
  9. Liturgy—Iambus—The Cast-iron Hand
  10. A Letter—A Membrane—Hairy I
  11. No, I Can't; Let It Be without Headings!
  12. The Delimitation of the Infinite—Angel—Meditations on Poetry
  13. Fog—Thou—A Decidedly Absurd Adventure
  14. "Mine"—Impossible—A Cold Floor
  15. The Bell—The Mirror-like Sea—I Am to Burn Eternally
  16. Yellow—A Two-Dimensional Shadow—An Incurable Soul
  17. Through Glass I Died—The Corridor
  18. Debris of Logic—Wounds and Plaster—Never Again
  19. The Infinitesimal of the Third Order—From Under the Forehead—Over the Railing
  20. Discharge—The Material of an Idea—The Zero Rock
  21. The Duty of an Author—The Ice Swells—The Most Difficult Love
  22. The Benumbed Waves—Everything Is Improving—I Am a Microbe
  23. Flowers—The Dissolution of a Crystal—If Only (?)
  24. The Limit of the Function—Easter—To Cross Out Everything
  25. The Descent from Heaven—The Greatest Catastrophe in History—"The Known—Is Ended"
  26. The World Does Exist—Rash—Forty-one Degrees Centigrade
  27. No Headings. It Is Impossible!
  28. Both of Them—Entropy and Energy—The Opaque Part of the Body
  29. Threads on the Face—Sprouts—An Unnatural Compression
  30. The Last Number—Galileo's Mistake—Would It Not Be Better?
  31. The Great Operation—I Forgave Everything—The Collision of Trains
  32. I Do Not Believe—Tractors—A Little Human Splinter
  33. This Without a Synopsis, Hastily, the Last
  34. The Forgiven Ones—A Sunny Night—A Radio-Valkyrie
  35. In a Ring—A Carrot—A Murder
  36. Empty Pages—The Christian God—About My Mother
  37. Infusorian—Doomsday—Her Room
  38. I Don't Know What Title—Perhaps the Whole Synopsis May Be Called a Castoff Cigarette Butt
  39. The End
  40. Facts—The Bell—I Am Certain

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