Monadnock Valley Press: Credits

The Monadnock Valley Press above all acknowledges the authors who wrote the works we republish. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

These texts were originally published on paper or papyrus. Thanks to those who keyed in, scanned, or checked these texts so that they are now available in digital form. Many of the works published here have been adapted from Project Gutenberg, Wikisource, the MIT Shakespeare Project, and similar sources.

The stylesheets used by the Monadnock Valley Press are modified versions of those produced by Tess O'Connor for her online edition of The Federalist Papers, and are used with permission.

The Monadnock Valley Press is a side project of Peter Saint-Andre, who is primarily active as a philosophical coach, writer, technologist, and musician.

Because we care about the public domain, all of the files published here are under source control at GitHub.

Note: For archived issues of the Monadnock Review, a webzine of art and ideas published here from 1997 to 2002, please visit <>.

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