The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel


Since the first look that led me to this error,
  To this thoughts' maze to my confusion tending,
  Still have I lived in grief, in hope, in terror,
  The circle of my sorrows never ending;
Yet cannot leave her love that holds me hateful;
  Her eyes exact it, though her heart disdains me.
  See what reward he hath that serves th'ungrateful?
  So true and loyal love no favour gains me.
Still must I whet my young desires abated,
  Upon the flint of such a heart rebelling;
  And all in vain; her pride is so innated,
  She yields no place at all for pity's dwelling.
Oft have I told her that my soul did love her,
And that with tears; yet all this will not move her.

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