The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel

  1. Unto the boundless ocean of thy beauty
  2. Go, wailing verse, the infants of my love
  3. If so it hap this offspring of my care
  4. These plaintive verse, the posts of my desire
  5. Whilst youth and error led my wandering mind
  6. Fair is my love, and cruel as she's fair
  7. For had she not been fair and thus unkind
  8. Thou, poor heart, sacrificed unto the fairest
  9. If this be love, to draw a weary breath
  10. Then do I love and draw this weary breath
  11. Tears, vows and prayers gain the hardest hearts
  12. My spotless love hovers with purest wings
  13. Behold what hap Pygmalion had to frame
  14. Those snary locks are those same nets, my dear
  15. If that a loyal heart and faith unfeigned
  16. Happy in sleep, waking content to languish
  17. Why should I sing in verse? Why should I frame
  18. Since the first look that led me to this error
  19. Restore thy tresses to the golden ore
  20. What it is to breathe and live without life
  21. If beauty thus be clouded with a frown
  22. Come Time, the anchor hold of my desire
  23. Time, cruel Time, come and subdue that brow
  24. These sorrowing sighs, the smoke of mine annoy
  25. False hope prolongs my ever certain grief
  26. Look in my griefs, and blame me not to mourn
  27. Reignin my thoughts, fair hand, sweet eye, rare voice
  28. Whilst by thy eyes pursued, my poor heart flew
  29. Still in the trace of one perplexèd thought
  30. Oft do I marvel whether Delia's eyes
  31. The star of my mishap imposed this pain
  32. And yet I cannot reprehend the flight
  33. Raising my hopes on hills of high desire
  34. Why dost thou, Delia, credit so thy glass
  35. I once may see when years shall wreck my wrong
  36. Look, Delia, how w'esteem the half-blown rose
  37. But love whilst that thou mayst be loved again
  38. When men shall find thy flower, thy glory pass
  39. When winter snows upon thy sable hairs
  40. Thou canst not die whilst any zeal abound
  41. Be not displeased that these my papers should
  42. Delia, these eyes that so admireth thine
  43. ost fair and lovely maid, look from the shore
  44. Read in my face a volume of despairs
  45. My Delia hath the waters of mine eyes
  46. How long shall I in mine affliction mourn
  47. Beauty, sweet love, is like the morning dew
  48. I must not grieve my love, whose eyes would read
  49. Ah whither, poor forsaken, wilt thou go
  50. Drawn with th'attractive virtue of her eyes
  51. Care-charmer sleep, son of the sable night
  52. Let others sing of knights and paladins
  53. As to the Roman that would free his land
  54. Like as the lute delights or else dislikes
  55. None other fame mine unambitious Muse
  56. Unhappy pen, and ill-accepted lines
  57. Lo here the impost of a faith entire

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