The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel


What it is to breathe and live without life;
  How to be pale with anguish, red with fear,
  T'have peace abroad, and nought within but strife:
  Wish to be present, and yet shun t'appear;
How to be bold far off, and bashful near;
  How to think much, and have no words to speak;
  To crave redress, yet hold affliction dear;
  To have affection strong, a body weak,
Never to find, yet evermore to seek;
  And seek that which I dare not hope to find;
  T'affect this life and yet this life disleek,
  Grateful t'another, to myself unkind:
This cruel knowledge of these contraries,
Delia, my heart hath learned out of those eyes.

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