The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel


If so it hap this offspring of my care,
  These fatal anthems, lamentable songs,
  Come to their view, who like afflicted are;
  Let them yet sigh their own, and moan my wrongs.
But untouched hearts with unaffected eye,
  Approach not to behold my soul's distress;
  Clear-sighted you soon note what is awry,
  Whilst blinded souls mine errors never guess.
You blinded souls, whom youth and error lead;
  You outcast eaglets dazzled with your sun,
  Do you, and none but you, my sorrows read;
  You best can judge the wrongs that she hath done,
That she hath done, the motive of my pain,
Who whilst I love doth kill me with disdain.

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