The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel


Be not displeased that these my papers should
  Bewray unto the world how fair thou art;
  Or that my wits have showed the best they could
  The chastest flame that ever warm├Ęd heart.
Think not, sweet Delia, this shall be thy shame,
  My muse should sound thy praise with mournful warble.
  How many live, the glory of whose name
  Shall rest in ice, while thine is graved in marble!
Thou mayst in after ages live esteemed,
  Unburied in these lines, reserved in pureness;
  These shall entomb those eyes, that have redeemed
  Me from the vulgar, thee from all obscureness.
Although my careful accents never moved thee,
Yet count it no disgrace that I loved thee.

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