The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel


This Sonnet was made at the Author's being in Italy

Drawn with th'attractive virtue of her eyes,
  My touched heart turns it to that happy coast,
  My joyful north, where all my fortune lies,
  The level of my hopes desirèd most;
There where my Delia, fairer than the sun,
  Decked with her youth whereon the world doth smile,
  Joys in that honour which her eyes have won,
  Th'eternal wonder of our happy isle.
Flourish, fair Albion, glory of the north!
  Neptune's best darling, held between his arms;
  Divided from the world as better worth,
  Kept for himself, defended from all harms!
Still let disarmèd peace deck her and thee;
And Muse-foe Mars abroad far fostered be!

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