The Delia Sonnets

by Samuel Daniel


Go, wailing verse, the infants of my love,
  Minerva-like, brought forth without a mother;
  Present the image of the cares I prove,
  Witness your father's grief exceeds all other.
Sigh out a story of her cruel deeds,
  With interrupted accents of despair;
  A monument that whosoever reads,
  May justly praise and blame my loveless Fair;
Say her disdain hath drièd up my blood,
  And starvèd you, in succours still denying;
  Press to her eyes, importune me some good,
  Waken her sleeping pity with your crying:
Knock at her hard heart, beg till you have moved her,
And tell th'unkind how dearly I have loved her.

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